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ATV News is about giving you the facts straight and giving you the honest facts, not the spin. We don't buy into the spin put out by channel, broadcasters and other media outlets we just give you the story straight. Our brutal honesty and no-nonsense attitude is what makes us popular and our forthright opinions has won much praise from our readers. We aren't afraid to take on the likes of the Daily Mail and the Daily Express and say exactly what we think about them and their readers. Our motto is 'Praise where it is due and criticism where criticism is deserved.'

Our news values also make us a alternative news destination from the trashy and celebrity obsessed tabloids and other media outlets. We don't report rubbish, we don't report on reality television and we don't report on the tiresome ins and outs of various media whores. We only report stories that actually matter and that are actually important to the areas we report in. You won't find a section for reality television or showbiz here we have a very firm reporting remit.

At the moment we only cover Cult/Sci Fi, Soap, Drama/TV news and important media stories, as well as 'Gay/Lesbian' related stories. Restricting our coverage to these well defined areas allows us to give you more information behind the stories and not just a half arsed attempt at reporting the bare facts. We like to try and go in-depth with stories and not just write three half baked paragraphs like other sites.

To able to cover our news areas' effectively, and continue with the wide range of regular features we have, we need to expand our news team. We are always on the look out for new additions to our team and writers who are looking for their first experience at writing for a regular publication. It's not just news writing that we are looking for but regular features writers and reviewers as well. We are looking for a wide range of new writers to cover all the different aspects of our site. We don't ask that you have previous journalism experience just that you are willing to give things ago and have an interest in the site. While we can't pay you, as unlike other sites we aren't profit makers, we can offer you an excellent start in a future career in journalism and a little fun with it too. If you are interested in writing news, features or reviews then please do contact us for more details.

Current Positions Available 

Features Writers:


We’re currently on the lookout for a new female columnist who would alternate with Mikey-K and/or Gossip Boy. We’re looking for a columnist who can offer us something different than our current ones, a new spin on life and news ect.

Interviews Manager:

We are currently looking for someone to take over the role of Interviews Manager. You’ll need to be confident and have good communication skills. You’re primary job will be to secure interviews with people from a wide range of areas, depending on what stories are currently in the headlines. Usually will consist of soap/cult/drama interviews and maybe the occasional interview for our Gay Section or Flashback section.

If you are interested in any of these positions please email us.

ATVDoug Lambert

Doug is the Features Editor and Site Executive for News Network on behalf of ATV News. He successfully relaunched NewsZone and launched spin-off site SoapZone before they became part of ATV News. Now all one site, and part of the ATV News Network, Doug acts as overall Executive of the site and concentrates most of his time on Features for the site. Before relaunching NewsZone his previous experience within the media include work on an award winning student magazine and work on several other publications. Before becoming a journalist and writer Doug was a successful actor with over ten years worth of theatre experience – including serious and comedy plays, musicals and pantomime.

Although he now concentrates on his work for ATV News Doug still occasionally acts, usually in short films or student films. Outside of work he enjoys dying his hair, it's been many colours, reading, writing, travelling, shopping – especially in Camden Market, and relaxing walks along the beach or countryside.

ATVMike Watkins

Mike Watkins having worked in commercial radio for ten years, Mike joins us with a wide experience of news gathering.

In 1997 he started at the Northern 'Centre FM' station as a traffic reporter, this lead to newsreading roles, and then presenter of many main strand programmes for other stations. At NewsZone he was Senior News Editor for the soap section and was sub-editor of NewsZone.

Now working for the ATV News Network he continues with those roles for the new look site.


Mikey is the first of our new columnists and he's also running the revamped, revived and ORIGINAL gay-zone section. Mikey joins us with a wealth of experience of working within the media industry having work on too many radio stations to mention! He's got about a bit having worked for stations in Edinburgh, London, Nottingham and Peterborough, as well as several networked radio stations too.

When he isn't abusing the airwaves Mikey-K is writing his column for us, running gay-spy or having various adventures which will form the basis of his next column.

Gossip Boy

From the Streets of London reports our latest columnist, Gossip Boy. This people-watching columnist knows everything that goes on in the gay clubs, and even straight clubs, of London and reports back, via his column, the various deeds and mishaps of London's residents. These mishaps form the basis of his moral messages to his, through his column. In many ways he's a modern day preacher, warning us about different situations and how to avoid them. Nothing but nothing escapes his attention, he knows it all, see's it all and hear's it all. Gossip Boy is watching you and if he doesn't like what he see's, he'll tell all. But who is he? Ah now there's a question....and perhaps it even has an answer. But we've been sworn to secrecy.

ATVQueenie Le Trout

Queenie [real name Liz] Le Trout is one half of our legendary 'agony aunt's. This 'woman' has decades worth of experiences to draw from when doling out advice. A former 'good-time girl' turned 'career criminal', Queenie is now a reformed citizen.

She joined SoapZone last year to give the site some added bitch and kick 'moaners' into shape. She, and Vivian, are rather like marmite – you either love or hate them. And most of you hate her but Queenie couldn't give a toss.

After disappearing for four months, she's back with us and ready to kick some balls. Watch out folks – this bitch bites!

Vivian Herpes-Summers

Vivian is the other half of the 'agony aunt' duo that resides on our group. Vivian and Queenie have been life long friends, meeting while they were on the game together. Vivian has been married four times and each husband met with a mysterious death – not that we're suggesting anything. Commoner Vivian loves nothing more than dishing out tough – and rude – love to those who write in. She's often to be found insulting all those who send their problems into Queenie and Vivian, she's the harsher and more brutal of the two. After spending four months on the run, Vivian is now back where she belongs – at SoapZone – and she's got a lot of tension to work off. So readers beware, you are in for a scare!

ATVDan and Lee

Lee has found internet fame as the leading force behind the 'Bring Back Brookside' campaign which aims to get episodes of the Merseyside soap released on DVD.

At ATV News' SoapZone section Lee keeps us up-to-date with the campaign progress, and also provides Brookside related features.

Lee had, along with his co-worker on Brookside DVD, Dan, managed to get their cause noted by several media outlets. In such a short time major progress has been made. We're sure Brookside will end up on DVD and it'll all be down to these two dedicated fans.

Protos ProductionsCaroline Regan

Caroline is famous in these parts for being almost Sonia Jackson in EastEnders, she came second, and only lost out to the winning actress due to being deemed 'too short' - this hasn't stopped Caroline however, and has taken leading roles in many theatre productions.

She currently works for our sister association, Protos Theatre Productions as an actress, but with her lively personality has proved perfect as our Promotions and Advertising Manager.

Ian Westhead

Ian is our communications manager, dealing with complains and enquiries. Ian first worked for our sister service 'Shine Radio' which is a summertime podcast radio station, which airs for two months a year.

Ian has also worked in customer service for Dixons and Currys Digital. 

Paul Gordon

Is our deputy photo editor and also our main photographer for the Naked As Art Intended site, ATV Pictures and ATV News images.

Paul is based at our North office and comes from Low Fell in Gateshead. He's always had a keen eye for photography as a hobby, NewsZone and Naked As was his first professional photography job, before moving over to the ATV News Network's relaunched SoapZone in 2007.

Glen Reeves

Glen is our technical expert dealing with all our hosting and software issues.

Glen also is the IT manager for the Crossroads Network and CNF websites.

Jane Wilison

Jane 'Powerhouse Nightclub Tassle Spinner of the year 1982' started her career as a lapdancer, and under a fake name also appeared on a tabloid's page three, two decades ago. Having turned her back on stripping, she started working as a television critic for an online forum, as well as launching her own photography company and website. Jane is the senior picture editor for the ATV News Network. Jane was in her past also a keen pole-dancer and is now considering teaching it to willing women.

Helen Jones

Helen deals with all our soap spoilers and also acts as our main liaison officer between the various press offices and broadcasters.

Missy Price

Missy is our 'as and when' letters answerer and agony aunt, filling in when Queenie and Vivian are on holiday.

Missy lives in the south of England near Borehamwood. She is apparently a millionaires daughter. She is married to Bernard an international businessman. Price doesn't work, and enjoys writing for ATV News as a hobby. Her other hobbies include mocking chavs and drawing rude images on council house walls.

Don Westbury

From America originally, Don moved to the UK over 30 years ago, and worked as a banking executive for most of his professional career. Now retired, he has taken to writing about television and radio.

Dominic Knight

One of our newest recruits, Dominic provides stories to ATV News and ATV SoapZone. He also is a keen writer of fan fiction. Dominic also brings us special articles and features. Dominic was a former child actor who gave up his acting career, at 15, to concentrate on his GCSES and then A-Levels. After completing both Dominic decided not to return to acting and developed an interest in writing, and journalism. When 'Dom' isn't writing for us he's listening to music or on the social scene, a real socialiser who likes nothing better than spending time with friends and having a laugh.

James Ryder

James has a wealth of experience, gained from working in several different companies at different levels. A rising star, James contributes news stories for ATV News and has contributed towards several of our features. James is currently planning to move abroad, but is keen to keep working for SoapZone News in his spare time.

Protos Productions

Justin Mason

Justin is one of our part-time staff, writing special features, television reviews or reports on a 'as and when' basis.

Justin has appeared on ITV3's TV Towns with Stuart Maconie talking about ATV, and its soap opera Crossroads. He, as well as that moment in the limelight, has also been known to tred the boards as an 'actor'. Working for the Protos Theatre Company, he has wowed audiences at the Intimate Theatre - where once stars such as Roger Moore and, er, Tony Blackburn worked before him.

Special features for NewsZone have also been written by Kat Reynolds, Matthew Hawkins, Charles Lambert and Ali Snart.

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