On the outskirts of Kings Oak there is St Lawrence's church. We have three public houses all with a warm and welcoming feel. The Crown, The Kings Oak and The Stag. Not to be confused with the nearby Running Stag located just outside of the small hamlet of Peachy.

Kings Oak is proud to boast a host of thriving businesses. Just outside the village we have one of our biggest employers, the Crossroads Motel which has been trading since 1963. We also have a Post Office, the Kings Oak Village Store, a butchers, antique shop, hair salon, fashion boutique, electrical store, tea rooms and Indian takeaway. We also have a large village hall for community projects and the Ravoli Cinema and Theatre.

Our village is just ten miles south of Birmingham City Centre in Warwickshire and has good transport links. To travel to Birmingham by train Kings Oak is the only village station locally. Woodville, Merryfields and Castlewich residents are served by our station. All trains link to Heathbury Central and Birmingham New Street.

There are a number of bus services that link the local villages and towns to Heathbury, Redditch and Birmingham.
Mr Wilf Harvey, of the canal side, would like to offer his most sincere apologies to Mrs Amy Turtle of Rose Cottage for the unfortunate incident last Thursday involving one of his homing pigeons.
Kings Oak is a large village on the outskirts of Birmingham. The village continues to have very much a countryside feel and a strong community spirit.

Archive documents reveal that originally the village was called 'Slohtran Ford', which translates as "marshy ford." The hamlet was originally inhabited by foresters who built their huts at the easiest crossing point for the River Slotter, which runs through the centre of Kings Oak. The Heathbury canal runs further left of the river and is still an active waterway.

The name Kings Oak comes from the Civil War, when King Charles hid there for a night in a giant oak tree.

The village has two churches, St Mary's and the Methodist Church.
The main none-rail transport link is the Kings Oak to Birmingham bus service, number 43, which runs every 30 minutes during the day and early evening. This bus is currently the only bus link to the town of Heathbury.

There are also a couple of nearby towns and villages to Kings Oak, the biggest is Heathbury - an industrial town which is six miles North of the village centre. Heathbury is well known for its mushroom farm. It also has a general hospital, Heathbury General, and an Accident and Emergency facility at the Albert Memorial Hospital.

The canal which runs to the left of the village, towards, and through, Heathbury has a basin in the town.
Five miles South East from the Kings Oak cross road junction is the village of Merryfields, fifteen miles from Kings Oak southward is the hamlet of Paxton. Made up of small cottages and Paxton Hall. Four miles West from Kings Oak village centre stands the village of Castlewich which is home to our local newspaper for the area, the Castlewich Clarion. The publication covers Kings Oak and the surrounding villages.

Nearby residential areas include Droitwich, Woodford, Willow End and Woodville.
Miss Vera Downend, of the Crossroads Hair Salon, would after several months of gossip like to make it perfectly clear that she is not involved with the hair care of villager Mrs Alice Loomis and speculation she may be wearing a wig she cannot confirm.
Miss Tatum's Violin concerto
next Wednesday at the village hall.
7.30pm. Tickets 2.

Mr Shughie McFee's Scottish Cookery
classes. Thursday, the function room,
Crossroads Motel. 1 entry.

Kings Oak Players perform Aunty Mame
for a week starting 5th at the Ravoli Cinema and Theatre.
Meg Mortimer in lead role of the Crossroads Motel.
Tickets 5 adults, 3 children/oaps.

Miss Edith Tatum reports that trade has increased the past few months, she believes the introduction of the Ann Summers card range has been the key to this success. In other news she believes that Postman Vince Parker was telling the truth when he explains that "the knickers were in his hands because they'd fallen out of the padded envelope" and he wasn't stealing them.


Tish and Ted Hope, owners of the village Antique Shop, are still concerned by the regular stalking of their premises by Mrs Rosemary Hunter. Following her previous shoplifting issue within the antique shop both are concerned by her keen interest in a walnut occasional table with scalloped top. However as its too big to fit into her handbag it isn't deemed an urgent issue.


Andy and Ruth Frazer are happy to report the fire damage has now been fully repaired after the incident last month which saw Archie Gibbs accidentally set fire to a fetching range of William Morris bedspreads. Thankfully the nylon-quilted bed covers with three tier-frilled edging were saved in time and are now on sale at a special reduced price.