August Update

Hello Brookie fans, Yes the petition has slowed down quite abit now hasnt it. But dont worry. Just keep checking back regular. And if you notice it has gone up alot since your last look at it, you will know something has happend somewere, So then were is the place to check out first to find that out? Yes Soapzone!!!....

Right I was really happy to have been invited by Dean Sullivan in late July to have a private tour of the Liverpool Radio City Tower in the Liverpool City Center. Was Brilliant and the views were fantastic.

I have a few pictures up on our Brookie myspace so check that out! Will leave link below. And it was very nice of Dean to invite us in. Had a greatchat to him about the Campaign, Brookside dvds and other things.

Now my partner in crime should i say, is back from Australia in only 6 weeks. So then just after that we will be KICK STARTING our Campaign again. and will save up for big advertisments around maybe Liverpool first before we extend that to all of England.

I am still going to still be promoting our campaign bit by bit online to keep the signatures going up even if it is only 1 signaturee a day.

Be sure to check back here soon for more news on Brookside related features.

Thanks ,Lee Brady

(I think you need to be a member to look at the pictures If people still cant get on, then email Soapzone and they will get on my back to put it up on Soapzone.)

Brookside Website Celebration

Channel 4 / Lime Pictures / Mersey TVIn this update I'm promoting a Quiz for all Brookside fans which is being run by the only Brookside fan site still online. We dont have many users on the forums currently - but we're always keen for new Brookie fans to join up.

Now is a good time as the forum has a prize to win if people want to take part. Its part of the Brookside DVD Campaign we are currently running to get Brookside released onto dvd!

The Brookside Soapbox site has been online 10 years this month and the event is being marked with a special Brookside Quiz week which will take place over seven nights in the quiz section from Sunday June 8th - Saturday June 14th.

The site is also holding a poll to discover which ten episodes fans think are the best.

The DVD petition is also welcome to any donations, which will go towards the campaign for advertisments in the near future and also to launch an official website. To find out more visit the forum, the link is below.

Click Here for the Brookside Forum
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Hello fellow Brookside fans, some GREAT news this time around about the Brookside DVD Campaign!

We are getting 2 big articles again in the 2 big newspapers in Liverpool. The Liverpool Echo & Daily Post.

The Daily Post are sending out a photographer to my house on Tuesday morning for a photoshoot of me with my Brookside items (Brookside Close sign, Book, DVD, Photos, Brookside newspaper for 20th anniversary RARE! ETC)  So should be a good picture!

 We are also going to be getting Simon O'Brians signature on the petition as soon as he can!

Dean Sullivan who I have to thank again and again has been mentioning our campaign alot recently and I thank him again for the plug! Which he did say the website where you can watch that video right here.

The newspaper reporters will also be speaking to creator of the soap, Phil Redmond. Be cool to see what he says!

 Thanks for this edition of update for Brookside DVD News!

 Lee Brady

Sign the petition: Here

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