The Newszone Reader Awards 2007

On June 27 of 2007, NewsZone hosted its annual 'Soap Awards' giving you a real chance to vote a more honest view of soap opera in the UK. As we near the end of the year, lets take a look once again at the winners and losers in the 2007 awards - as always voted by you.

Our award as you can see was hand crafted from plastic and cost about £2.50. The main part featuring the Newszone logo, all be it slightly wonky. I'm sure our winners will cherish it for many years to come.

The results are as follows:

Most Loveable Character:

Dot Branning - EastEnders

Runner Up: Val Lambert - Emmerdale

Most Overated Villian:

Charlie Stubbs - Corrie

Runner Up: Phil Mitchell – EastEnders

Favourite Storyline

No overall winner as there was a three-way tie!

JP/Craig fall in love - Hollyoaks

Showhome explosion - Emmerdale

Who Killed Tom King? - Emmerdale

Character Newszoners Would Like To See Written Out In A Dramatic Explosion:

Sean Tully - Coronation Street

Runner Up: Keith Miller - EastEnders

Favourite Villan:

There is a tie! Rosemary King

and Eric Pollard - Emmerdale

Worst Character:

Sean Tully - Corrie

Runner Up: Vernon - Corrie

Most Effective Storyline At Raising Awareness:

Baby Janet - EastEnders

Best Character:

Claire - Hollyoaks

Runner Up: Val Lambert - Emmerdale

Most Irritating Character:

Sean Tully Corrie

Runner Up: Vernon - Corrie

Best Love Triangle:

Craig/Sarah/John Paul - Hollyoaks

Runner Up: Andy/Jo/Katie - Emmerdale

Worst Love Triangle:

Sonny/Michelle/Sean - Corrie

Runner Up: Jamie/Frankie/Danny - Corrie

Best Storyline:

'JP Homosexuality Issues' - Hollyoaks

Runner Up: David Exposes Gail's Past - Coronation Street

Worst Storyline:

Frankie leaves Danny for Jamie - Coronation Street

Runner Up: Libby/Darren The Internet - EastEnders

Best Battleaxe:

Blanche - Coronation Street

Runner Up: Pauline - EastEnders

Storyline That Went On Too Long:

Jamie/Frankie/Danny - Corrie

Runner Up: The Beale/Mitchell fued - EastEnders

Most Misunderstood Villian:

Doctor May Wright - EastEnders

Runner Up: Pauline Fowler - EastEnders

Best television trailers for a soap:

There's More to EastEnders

Runner Up: It's far from Quiet in the Country - Emmerdale

Lifetime Achievement:

Betty Driver - Coronation Street

(No votes were recieved for anyone else in the catagory)

Soap That Needs Repairing/Revamping/Improving:

Coronation Street

Runner Up: Neighbours

Soap that has changed for the better:


Runner Up: Hollyoaks

Best Soap:


Runner Up: Emmerdale

We at NewsZone doubt any other publication or site would allow viewers to be as honest as that! Thanks to everyone who voted in the awards this year.

Since 2002 NewsZone has hosted our viewer awards, however this year we launched SoapZone, and so in 2008 the awards will be known as the SoapZone Awards. We're sure you'll be as honest as ever, giving those who deserve praise bucket loads, and those who deserve mocking ample amounts.

The NewsZone Soap Awards 2007 were first published on June 27.