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ATV Network is a registered trademark in the UK part of the ATV Network Limited venture by the official ITV Crossroads Fan Club, the Crossroads Appreciation Society, for their charity DVD ventures, including the "Return to Crossroads"  production which has been in the making for over a decade but is now reaching its final stages of interviews and specials.

The company launched originally in 1966 (and had been previously known as Associated Television Limited since 1955) it produced many of the most popular British television programmes in commercial broadcasting history.

Here at ATV Network® we care passionately about the heritage of the original broadcaster and production company and aim to celebrate and promote the ATV legacy through online content and where possible DVD charity ventures.

The ATV Network brand also actively promotes the work of ATV's biggest long running star Noele Gordon, alongside her rights estate management. Noele was one of ATV's top names from 1955 through to 1981. The ground breaking former West End actress turned presenter is an icon of British broadcasting.

We have been thrilled to work with many of the staff of the original company and none more so than our late president; the former ATV director, producer and award winning production executive Alan Coleman. Alan first joined ATV back in 1964 and produced a host of popular programming for ITV. Alan was the first director to use the new studio one control room at ATV Centre in 1969 and became the first head of children's drama at the company in 1972.

All our DVD ventures raise money for the ITV founded charity Crossroads Care (Caring for Carers) and we actively raise funds for the West Birmingham branch via currently a charity DVD which we aim to be released as part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Crossroads, the show which founded the care group and the 40th anniversary of Crossroads Care. Return to Crossroads has been funded entirely by fans and the top team in the Appreciation Society, with all the profits from the DVD sales being given to Crossroads Care/Carers Trust.

With the ATV brand we've also been proud to help continue the search for lost material, including in 2008 assisting ITV Archive in the search for lost ATV photography, and more recently promoting a campaign to find lost episodes of 1970s talent series New Faces - which did indeed unearth some long lost editions.

ATV Facts

ATV Network® is a trademark of the Crossroads Appreciation Society. The Crossroads Appreciation Society productions are branded ATV Network® for digital production ventures. ATV Network Limited is a shell company registered to protect the company name and currently is not active as a separate entity other than to copyright archive fan club material.

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