ATV News reaches thousands of people every week. Our most popular service is our 'mailing list' which provides daily news updates direct to readers inboxes. Adverts within that service has proved very successful in the past.

The website is also popular with the 18-40 age group. We aim to appeal to a older audience than most sites that provide a similar type of service. We in general do not appeal to teens and children, although sections about programmes such as Hollyoaks, Home and Away and EastEnders do gain large numbers of youth 'hits'.

A more upmarket, yet friendly and fun site is how we feel ATV News works at its best, and from the feedback we get daily, our readers agree.

Our news team provide a news and features service, the latter all specially written for ATV News. We have had over 90,000 unique visitors each month, with many articles reaching over 700 visits per day. Our reader ship is year-on-year increasing.

ATV News launched in 2002 as 'NewsZone' and ever since we have slowly expanded. Our top five most popular features are:

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*Top Five from stat log created between January and July 2008.

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